Artist statement

For me, photography has always been about a connection with nature. Spending time with true WILDlife in their natural habitat, and preserving forever the spine-tingling moments of my experience, is my passion. Sharing these moments with other people is one of my greatest rewards as a nature and wildlife photographer. 

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I want people to feel these images, to know what it was like to be there. If I can convey this in print form, I have done my job.

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Each year I travel to the wild places of North America in search of images in nature. When dealing with wild animals as subject matter, I am not always welcome. Animals will reject me more often than they will accept me. That's what makes a great wildlife image so special. When a wild animal welcomes me into their world for a brief time, that is when the magic happens and truly special images are created.

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As a photographer, I have received abundant praise over the years, but I have always given the credit for these images to the amazing landscape, the creatures who call these places home, and to the light that reveals it all so eloquently. I count them as gifts from the natural world and it is my privilege to share them with you.